The International Festival & Summer Course for New Music Performance & Composition – ISRAEL 2011

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What is Tzlil Meudcan?

Starting in 2007 with an international chamber festival for contemporary music in Israel, together with an international summer course added last year, both hosting world-renowned figures from the fields of music composition and performance, we formed a new hybrid structure that bears the title Tzlil Meudcan, meaning “an updated tone” in Hebrew.

The Tzlil Meudcan Festival and Summer Course aim to host each summer a small select group of young composers and performers working closely and intensely with our guest faculty in the beautiful surroundings of Kibbutz Ein Hashofet and Kibbutz Dalia, located in the north of Israel.

Composers Chaya Czernowin and Steven Takasugi from Harvard University will be the permanent heads of our composition class, while the performance class will have a constantly varying team determined by the festival goals planned for that year. The line up for 2011 will include soloists from Ensemble Ictus (Belgium), Ensemble musikFabrik (Germany), Ensemble Recherche (Germany), Clarinet duo Stump- Linshalm (Austria) and Ensemble Nikel (Israel).

Participants can expect a joyful summer stay with full accommodations covered, double-room occupancy, three meals per day, and most importantly, close, personal interaction with the faculty. Each performance teacher will be associated with not more then two students in order to give maximum attention to the participants, whose work will focus closely on the acquisition of new technical and interpretative knowledge and skills for the performance of the contemporary repertoire. The composition students will have individual lessons, group meetings, instrumental presentations, as well as one-on-one exchanges with the other participants. Moreover, they will work with the above mentioned ensembles, both pedagogically and practically as they prepare their pieces for performance during the final stage of the festival.

At this conclusion, all participants will head south to the city of Tel Aviv, take in some sun on the beautiful sandy beaches of the Mediterranean sea, and attend three intensive days of concerts, performances, workshops, presentations, and other various activities presenting the fruits of their work prepared at the pedagogical stage of the course along side the general festival program.
Every year, the festival spotlights a significant composer, presenting some of his or her outstanding chamber works next to various related or contrasting pieces from the contemporary repertoire. This year’s focus will be the composer Pierluigi Billone who will also join us at the closing festival days.

When and where?
Tzlil Meudcan 2011 begins on June 29th and ends on July 9th
The schedule plan will be as followes:
June 29 – July 6, 2011, Kibbutz Ein Hashofet, Kibbutz Dalia
July 6 – 9, 2011, Tel Aviv

Who are the faculty members?
Chaya Czernowin – Composition (Israel/USA)
Steven Takasugi – Composition (USA/Japan)
Tom De Cock – Percussion (Belgium, Ensemble Nikel)
Vincent Daoud – Saxophone (France, Ensemble Nikel)
Francois Deppe – Chamber music instructor (Belgium, Ensemble Ictus)
Yaron Deutsch – Electric Guitar (Israel, Ensemble Nikel)
Heinz-Peter Linshalm / Petra Stump – Clarinet (Austria, Duo Stump-Linshalm)
Barbara Maurer – Viola (Germany, Ensemble Recherche)
Tom Pauwels – Guitar (Belgium, Ensemble Ictus)
Michael Schmid – Flute (Germany, Ensemble Ictus)
Reto Staub – Piano (Switzerland, Ensemble Nikel)
Peter Veale – Oboe (New Zealand, Ensemble musikFabrik)
Hannah Weirich – Violin (Germany, Ensemble musikFabrik)

How to apply?
For the composition class, composers should send a package (post-stamped no later than November 20th) that includes the following:
– Application form, click HERE to download
– Detailed CV
– 2 or 3 recent scores (Date of composition must appear on the score!)
– CD with 2 or 3 recordings.

Package should be sent to the following address:

“Tzlil Meudcan committee c/o Czernowin/Takasugi”
31 Larch Rd
Newton, MA 02468

For the performance class, please submit a detailed CV and 1 or 2 letters of recommendation to the following email address (No later than January 1st):

Participation fee is 485 Euros and covers the following:
– Eleven days of pedagogical work with the faculty.
– Seven days of accommodation in Kibbutz Dalia. Double room with a room mate.
– Three meals a day served in the Kibbutz dinning room.
– Four days of accommodation in Tel Aviv. Double room with a room mate (only breakfast is included).
– Free pass to all festival concerts and events.

* Payment will only be possible after applicants receive official invitation letters via email, where further instructions will be described.

A glimpse on the planned festival program
– Composer in focus will be Pierluigi Billone (Italy). Composer will attend the festival
– Composer Michael Beil (Germany) will also be a festival guest.
– Concerts with soloists from Ensemble Ictus & Ensemble musicFabrik.
– Barbara Maurer (Ensemble Recherche) will present a viola recital.
– Ensemble Nikel Concert.
– Ensemble Nadar Concert.
– Concert with the clarinet duo – Stump/Linshalm (Austria)
– Percussion recital by Tom De Cock dedicated to works by Pierluigi Billone
– Electronic concerts and interdisciplinary events.
– Master classes, presentations and composers panel.

For further details and questions:

We look forward having you with us

Yours Sincerely

Yaron Deutsch
Director, Tzlil Meudcan Festival and Summer Course