01.10.2014, 20:00
Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana


Bojana Šaljić Podešva, an evening of original music

Performed by:
Teja Saksida, soprano
Petra Stump, clarinet
Tomaž Lorenz, violin
Jerko Novak, guitar
Nina Prešiček, piano
Luka Juhart, accordion
Bojana Šaljić Podešva, electronics

Vulnerability, for solo singer and an electro-acoustic recording (first rendition)
Abstinence and Silent Music, for guitar, violin and an electro-acoustic sonic part
Nightmare, a radio-phonic work
Highway to Dadaab, for clarinet and electronics
Abstinence 2, for optional trio and a stage technician
Shine, for piano and electronics (first rendition)
Sequoia, for solo electronics (first rendition)
Abstinence 3: x/y/z/t, accordion and electronics (first rendition)

From Time to Time

The search for possible artistic manifestations leads to ostensibly divergent directions, all of which the composer Šaljić Podešva feels are indispensable: The ones that she composes in response to current time-space events, and those which serve her as a vehicle of submergence into the bottomless ocean of abstract sonic idioms, whereby the happenings on the material surface are rendered entirely irrelevant. These layers will emerge out of the featured repertoire that has been co-shaped by the performing artists: Luka Juhart, Tomaž Lorenz, Jerko Novak, Nina Prešiček, Teja Saksida and Petra Stump.

The concert has been organised in conjunction with the Zavod Sploh (Sploh Institute) within the scope of the Soundstream (Zvokotok) Series of contemporary composed music. Aimed at linking the established institutional artistic endeavours with the vibrant ones of the non-governmental organisations, the series strives towards generating unencumbered debate and transcending the artificial divisions between the artistic fields and performance venues.